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Composite (tooth colored) fillings
Our office uses tooth colored composite resins to restore teeth to a healthy state.  Besides the attractive appearance of the composite fillings, the teeth also benefit from this type of filling.  Minimal tooth structure is removed and there is a reduction in the amount of cracks and fractures that amalgam fillings create, thus minimalizing the risk of breakage. 

Silver (mercury) fillings are outdated and patients are no longer limited in their choices.

If you are interested in regaining your mouth's most natural appearance or want to stop feeling self-conscious about the look of dark colored fillings in your teeth, you can benefit from discussing your options for safe filling removal and replacement with composite or porcelain fillings. Cavities can now be treated with a selection of durable, attractive and, most importantly, medically safe materials. Using composite or other similar natural-colored substances, Dr. Jennifer Chalker can help you enjoy a healthier, more attractive smile.
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In addition to the authentic look, tooth-colored fillings are also supportive to the remaining tooth structure. When bonded to the tooth, a composite or porcelain filling can significantly minimize the risk of further damage from expansion with temperature changes in the mouth. Because of the composition of metal, older, amalgam fillings have been known to expand to such a degree that the natural tooth structure may fracture or crack. Both porcelain and composite expand similarly to enamel, creating the best scenario for longevity of the filling.

If a tooth is damaged by decay, a tooth-colored filling restores proper tooth form in a way that hides the fact that a cavity ever existed. No one but you and your dental team ever needs know you've had work done on your smile!

We believe silver fillings can pose a cosmetic and a health risk. For this reason, we choose to repair teeth with mercury-free alternatives. Whether you want to remove existing silver fillings or want to establish yourself with a mercury-safe, mercury-free dental practice, Dr Jennifer Chalker DDS is an office where you will be welcomed by a friendly, experienced team.