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Dental Cleaning / Oral Hygiene
It's true! Every patient needs preventive dental care to enable them enjoy the best oral health and wellbeing. For this reason, it’s a foundational feature of our practice. By adopting regular cleanings and thorough oral exams, we can help you prevent serious conditions from forming, and we can help you identify pre-existing problems and offer a personalized treatment plan for overcoming them.

We recommend getting your teeth cleaned every 6 months.  We take low-dosage radiation digital x-rays once a year as a standard of care to aid in detecting any dental issues which might arise.  An oral cancer screen is also completed at every cleaning visit.  We treat patients of all ages, and recommend children begin seeing a dentist regularly by the age of 3.

Our Rockingham County office provides preventive care for the entire family. Prevention of dental problems begins with regular visits to our hygienists. The hygienists at Jeniffer Chalker, DDS are highly skilled, licensed professionals and extremely gentle at providing thorough cleanings to remove tartar (calculus), plaque and stains, while keeping you comfortable.

Regular checkups are the first step in oral hygiene. Our experienced, licensed dental hygienist will clean your teeth, and then help you learn how you can get the maximum longevity from your teeth. During your dental exam, Dr. Chalker will check your teeth, their supporting structures, surrounding soft tissues and jaw alignment while looking for any changes or signs that could indicate possible problems. Proper cleaning, when combined with dental sealants, help provide a lifetime of healthy teeth.

If you are a new patient and desire to visit our office, please call to schedule an appointment. We are conveniently located to serve patients throughout Harrisonburg, Rockingham County and surrounding areas.
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