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Teeth Whitening
There's nothing like a radiant, healthy smile to help you feel good about yourself and boost your self-confidence. That's one reason it's important to have regular checkups to ensure that you keep your teeth as white as they can be.

Although, in the past, many of your favorite foods have been blamed for staining teeth, coffee, tea, and nicotine are actually the primary substances that cause discoloration. Typically, heredity and age and occasionally antibiotics at a very early age also cause discoloration. Unfortunately, teeth usually get a darker tint as we age.

At Jennifer Chalker, DDS we can assist in restoring your teeth back to their natural white shine.  We are trained professionals and our goals are to meet the needs of every patient. Every patient’s needs are different, so we tailor our approach to meet your needs.

We offer a variety of ways to enhance your smile. If you simply want whiter teeth, we have a couple options depending on your desires. Don't be fooled by the many over-the-counter tooth whitening products that promise a whiter smile. This could become a costly endeavor as you search endlessly for the one product that's true to its promise. Whitening toothpastes are fine for maintaining your smile, once you've let us clean and brighten it.
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